A review of the play much ado about nothing

It is a film about love, laughter, happiness, friendship, sunlight and the beauty of nature- in short, a film about everything that makes life worth living. In all honesty, my favorite part of the whole film was the performances of Alexis Denison and Amy Acker who respectively play the roles of Beatrice and Benedick.

Shakespeare's comedies were less common in the cinema, probably because so much Shakespearean humour is based either upon puns and wordplay which worked better in Elizabethan English than they do in the modern language or upon topical references to the events of the s and s, lost upon today's audiences.

Both were practised Shakespearean actors, and they speak their lines with great clarity and simplicity, bringing out all the humour and drama in their parts. That more than anything very much concerned me, how good could a film like that be given those extreme constraints. Benedick wittily gives voice to male anxieties about women's "sharp tongues and proneness to sexual lightness".

Although he is perhaps not the greatest speaker of blank verse, I must say in his defence that, psychologically, he seems just right for the role of Don John. Tristram Kenton for the Guardian Art is not a competition.

Thus Benedick gives him the advice "Get thee a wife. Meanwhile, Hero and her maid Ursula ensure Beatrice overhears them discuss Benedick's undying love for her.

The great comic moment in Tennant's performance comes when, flinging his arms wide to the heavens, he declares: Perhaps that worked well years ago, but nowadays it seems like an odd mix.

A masquerade ball is planned in celebration of the end of the war, giving a disguised Don Pedro the opportunity to woo Hero on Claudio's behalf. This is supported by Benedick's cynical comments about the song, where he compares it to a howling dog.

He definitely milked the physical comedy by having Beatrice fall down a flight of stairs from the shock of hearing Benedick feelings for her. The simple answer is yes. Benedick swears that he will never get married.

Leonato explains that "There is a kind of merry war betwixt Signor Benedick and her. While this was reflected and emphasized in certain plays of the period, it was also challenged. Though Don John has fled the city, a force is sent to capture him. These modes of deceit play into a complementary theme of emotional manipulation and the ease with which the characters' sentiments are redirected and their propensities exploited as a means to an end.

Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves making this film, especially Whedon who has made a very clever adaptation of this romping fun story. Much of the action is in interest in and critique of others, written messages, spyingand eavesdropping.

He makes his entrance in a golf-buggy, dons a Lily Savage wig and tight skirt for Leonato's party but is hit amidships when he learns that he is adored by Beatrice.

Much Ado About Nothing

Lucy Gaiger's costumes, combining naval whites with snazzy civilian colours, add greatly to the gaiety of an evening that suggests the Tate-Tennant partnership should be pursued. Exit Theatre Mode A small, but integral role by the one and only Nathan Fillion, playing night watchman constable Dogberry, will either strike the viewer as genius, or a step too far.

I could NOT have been more wrong. They said it very clear and made it easy to understand. The characters' feelings for each other are played as vehicles to reach an ultimate goal of engagement rather than seen as an end in themselves.

The games and tricks played on people often have the best intentions—to make people fall in love, to help someone get what they want, or to lead someone to realize their mistake.

Much Ado About Nothing

They both have taken the language of William Shakespeare and found ways to make it like everyday language that we have today. This stereotype is turned on its head in Balthazar's song "Sigh No More," which presents men as the deceitful and inconstant sex that women must suffer.

Overall, the film was a lot of fun to watch and very funny. Don Pedro laughs at him and tells him that when he has found the right person he shall get married.

Upon seeing the beautiful Hero Jillian Morgesedaughter of the governor Leonato Clark GreggClaudio immediately falls head over heels in love and prepares to marry the maiden. I generally was impressed with the way Whedon portrayed the movie and set it into modern day. Leonato and his brother Antonio blame Claudio for Hero's apparent death and challenge him to a duel.

The longest running Broadway production is A. It was also amusing to see this new take on the play while not getting at all bored.

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The most criticised of the American stars seems to have been Keanu Reeves. Play Summary Bookmark this page Manage My Reading List The action of Much Ado About Nothing occurs during several days of a visit by Don Pedro, Prince of Aragon, and his followers at the large estate of Leonato, Governor of Messina.

Last week, I saw 'Much Ado About Nothing' at the Globe, and now here's another version playing at Wyndham's, right in the heart of the West End. Comparisons are often invidious, but here's a rare chance to compare two productions of the same play, both on at the same time.

Much Ado About Nothing is a comedy by William Shakespeare thought to have been written in andas Shakespeare was approaching the middle of his career. The play was included in the First Folio, published in Much Ado About Nothing Play Review 1) There is “much ado” and plenty more laughter when you see Much Ado About Nothing.

Much Ado About Nothing – review

2) Much Ado About Nothing is a story about two very different pairs of lovers. Much ado about nothing review?Sergio Marroquin Professor Anthony Shakespeare Much Ado About Nothing brought us a new take on the Play “Much Ado about Nothing” by William Shakespeare. The new film was adapted, produced and directed by Joss Whedon who also created the Buffy the Vampire movie along with it’s series.

Much Ado About Nothing is my all-time favorite play, and Beatrice is my favorite character in all of literature. I've seen the play performed 5 times now, including the Branagh film, Shakespeare in the Park, in community theaters, and now Whedon's interpretation.

A review of the play much ado about nothing
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