An account about the battles of vietnam

The Vietnam War: Eleven Major Battles

They ran into an NVA regiment with some men. One day in March, our lead platoon was just cresting a hill in broad daylight when a North Vietnamese Army NVA unit passed below in a field to their front. This article was written by Tom Evans and originally published in the April issue of Vietnam Magazine.

What were major Battles of the Vietnam War?

The snuffies might carry one mortar round each. The attack was devastating as 27 aircraft were hit, including 20 Bs 5 destroyed4 helicopters, and 3 A-1H Skyraiders.

A transcript of the tape was printed in his last book, Last Reflections on a War.

Top 10 Battles of the Vietnam War

As a result, China and Cuba were forced to do the same. We were sitting along a trench line, cleaning weapons.

I picked up an NVA 61mm mortar round and strapped it into my empty grenade pouch. Captain Ryan sat right in the center in front of the altar. To increase their bargaining power at those talks and further pressure the US into pulling out, North Vietnam launched a major offensive in South Vietnam on 30 March Five of the 27 Marines were killed and 17 wounded as they held off the enemy until daybreak.

Despite heavy casualties on both sides, both claimed the battle was a victory of their owns. This demonstrated the rigidity of NVA training. With a little, initial success, the North Koreans had to retreat ultimately leaving behind bodies.

The NVA mortar stopped. Other units rushed to help as the Vietcong withdrew after killing 48 Americans and wounding dozens more. Although after taking mathematics courses I now know it would have been all but impossible, I figured we could fire above the tube when the next round came out and cause it to explode.

Louis Metzger, the assistant division commander of the 3rd Marine Division, landed by chopper to talk with yet another new company commander, Captain John Ryan.

At one point, an NVA mortar opened up with about 40 rounds directly to our front. They chased some to the shallow Song Thu Bon River and decided to cross.

To set up near where a helicopter would land was clearly asking for trouble. The base was quickly overrun and burned to the ground. Vietnam War Battles, Campaigns, Offensives, Operations, Programs and writer on defense matters -- was there as a USIA correspondent.

His account, on the 40th anniversary of the battle, is personal, and includes many of his photos as well as photos from the Foreign Legion archives. Haiphong is the major port and third largest city in.

CLICK ON ANY SYMBOL (SOLDIERS and MAIN BASES AND OPERATIONS LAYERS) then click on the IMAGE on the left or right where you are reading this text right now (in. Jul 04,  · Many of the battles were grim affairs, and they came to a head as the Marines fought to take the last towers of the city’s Citadel and lower the flag that the N.L.F.

had hoisted over Hue.

Battle of Long Tan

Jan 10,  · The “era of big battles” was supposed to put the Americans on an offensive footing, but 70 percent of all contacts were. In Vietnam, the troops gave our battles such names as ‘The Day Sandy Got It,’ ‘Phu An’ and ‘Two July.’ On ‘Two July,’our four understrength man rifle companies suffered 84 dead and wounded.

A vivid and gripping account of the battle in the jungles of Vietnam on that day, and of the lives of the young men who fought and died there.

The Vietnam War: Eleven Major Battles An account about the battles of vietnam
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