Chemlab week 1

Note the color of the flame. Make observations on the crystalline product color, texture, etc. When an aqueous solution of a barium salt usually BaCl2 is mixed with an aqueous solution containing sulfate, a white precipitate of insoluble BaSO4 forms according to the net ionic equation: Also, there are several places in this exercise where you will be waiting for something to happen.

Instead, if you make an error, correct it by drawing a single bold line through the error and initial it. Write the calculations on a separate sheet of paper as needed. Preparation and Analysis of Alum 1 Authors: If a calculation is made to arrive at an answer, show one example of each calculation in a clearly labeled fashion.

CHEM 130 Lab

Cover the container holding the crystals with a piece of paper towel, and place it in your drawer to dry. Urea, H2NCONH2, is a water —soluble compound that, due to its hydrophillic properties, keeps the fabric moist during the dying process. Instructors may impose additional due dates for initial posts or responses and assess late penalties accordingly.

In this and the next laboratory exercise you will learn some of the basics of how chemists carry out chemical reactions and how they characterize the chemical substances involved in these reactions. Light can be described as oscillating electric and magnetic fields, as can radio waves, microwaves, infrared radiation, ultraviolet light, and x-rays.

The calculation page s and graphs need to be stapled to the lab report before class.

CHEM 120 CHEM/120 CHEM120 Week 1 Balance Lab -DEVRY

Affix all graphs and loose pages that are generated in the laboratory or by using spreadsheets directly into the results section. The object absorbs certain wavelengths of white light, and we see what is left over. The anhydrous alum may be disposed of in the trash or in the sink with plenty of water.

This second crop of crystals may also be collected, but if you choose to collect these crystals, they should be kept separate from the main crop. Place the mL beaker with the filtered reaction solution in the ice bath.

Cut the weighed foil into many small pieces. Return the crucible to the porcelain triangle and set the cover slightly ajar so that the water vapor can escape.

CHEM 130 Lab

Discussion posts must be completed within the module where they appear. You may notice that more crystals formed in the filter flask during the washings. Visible light differs from these other types of light because it has a range of wavelengths that our eyes can detect.

Use your glass stirring rod to loosen any remaining solid that clings to the side. This absorption coloration mechanism is responsible for the colors of grass, blood and carrots, but not of the sky. Further customization on font sizes may be done.

CHEM 120 Full Week 1 (Lab, Quiz & DQs)

Lab Notebook Expectations and Tips: Very clearly label each of the individual sections in the notebook. Cations and Anion Lab The purpose of this lab experiment was to record the reaction between cations and anions. Move chart to new sheet to print full size.

Do not erase any information or use white-out. If the reaction slows down, replace the water in the bath with fresh hot water. If the masses are not within 50 mg, then repeat the heating procedure until two subsequent masses agree.

The pre-lab assignments are due the night before the lab session and must be completed independently. Weigh out the amount of dye needed to make mL of dye solution 1fl.

Be sure to carefully read the experimental procedure and be aware that there are a number of potential hazards.

CHM 110 Entire Course – Introductory Chemistry

All labs will be collected, though not all lab reports will be graded thoroughly. When this heating step is over, cover the crucible and allow it to cool on the triangle to room temperature, and then reweigh the crucible, cover, and its contents.

Set up a ring stand, ring clamp and porcelain triangle, as your instructor will demonstrate. Now if we measure the absorbance of a sample containing an unknown amount of analyte, it becomes a simple matter of substituting this value into the equation for our calibration curve and solving for the concentration.

SCI 115 Week 1 Cell Chemistry Lab Assessment

Chemia, elektronika, wysokie napięcia, doświadczenia, wynalazki. Wszystko pokazuję ja, Adam - szalony geniusz, samouk i pasjonata. Zapraszam serdecznie do. ChemLab is available as a free download on our software library.

ChemLab is categorized as Education Tools. This program is a product of Model Science Software Inc. Our built-in antivirus checked this download and rated it as % safe/5(13). 1 Download iLab — Citrix Environment 2 Go to APPs at the top of the page 3 Scroll down and Look for the picture attached to this email (a scientist figure in a white coat holding a test tube, it says Model ChemLab or place Model ChemLab is the Search Bar) 4 Click.

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Aug 21,  · Week 1. From the amounts of the reactants that you actually used, calculate the theoretical yield of alum. Week 2. Calculate the percent yield of alum from the theoretical yield you determined last week and the amount of alum that you actually obtained.

Share your percent yield with your classmates. CHEM Lab There is a host of information available at In particular, you should bookmark the Chemical Principles section, which contains the lab manual for the course.

Chemlab week 1
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